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Professional Commercial Support Services 2023



We are accountants with 20 years of experience in the profession. We provide “one-stop” services specialized in accountancy and tax, together with commercial operation services including:


Accountancy services

We prepare account ledgers, Profit and loss Accounts, Balance Sheets and management report schedules using various accounting software and EXCEL which comply with accounting standards and the Company Law.  We will print out the hard copy for back-up purposes, as well as organize all materials or documentary evidence of our client’s company.


Company Incorporation and Secretarial Services

We handle Company Incorporation and business registration for start-up clients, with registration address provided. We will also act as our client’s statutory Secretary by year.


Taxation Services

We file Profit tax, salaries tax, and Property tax, which will then be returned to the IRD for individual or corporate clients based on our advanced tax computations.  We would also submit the Employer’s Remuneration Returns (ER) to the Inland Revenue Department on behalf of enterprises, handle inquiries raised by the Inland Revenue Department with clients and suggest taxation planning solutions to reduce taxpayers’ burden.


Assistance in Audit Services

We assist clients from limited companies to tidy up their ledgers and documents in order to meet the external audit work requirements and assists clients to explain the inquiry raised by external auditors.


Commercial consultation

We suggest solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) regarding the problems of Internal control in operational and financial aspects, we also assist clients in setting up the accounting system and controlling procedures, provide in-house accounting software instalment as well as technical support, we also provide training for staff or to those who are interested in effective general accounting practices.


Other Professional Services

We provide operational support for small businesses in processing daily operation transactions, for example opening or managing the bank account, handling check payments, over-the-counter remittance, handling payroll and Mandatory Provident Funds contributions on behalf of clients.



We strive to provide good quality co-operate service for our clients. Let us make everything simpler, we are a good partner to support your business!

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