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Accounting Services

Maintaining accurate and true accounting records and keeping complete documents are not only the statutory and tax reporting obligations of the company's directors or proprietors, but also may make it easier for one to pass audit assurance and obtain bank loans, government subsidies and other contract opportunities for transaction projects by true and fair Financial Statements afterwards.

According to the tax regulations, all business organizations must keep the accounting records and valid documents for at least seven years.

Outsourcing your accounting functions can reduce the burden of the company's manpower. Therefore, our team provides customers with reliable and efficient accounting services. Customers are welcomed to provide their relevant data for our process or in-house bookkeeping which will then be handled by our elite team, including:

  1. Using accounting software to book accounting record on a monthly or annual basis on behalf of customers, and issuing Management Financial Statements such as income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.

  2. Drafting of consolidated financial statements within the group.

  3. Designing data entry and document filing flow for clients’ staff to make company document records complete and ready for an annual audit and tax inspection.

  4. Providing on-the-job training guide for new entrepreneurs or existing customers as well as their staff.

  5. Providing consultation on Accounting software usage and installation.

  6. Organizing accounting documents for Limited Company clients to assist the statutory audit work done by practice accountant, and handling enquiries from auditors during the audit period.


Company Incorporation

Hong Kong is a world-renowned financial and commercial centre. Apart from possessing a comprehensive legal system, financing platform, communication facilities, transportation network, and simple taxation principles, it is also the best platform to promote products and services to the world. In addition, no limits will be set to the scope of business during incorporation in Hong Kong, absolutely providing great business opportunities and allowing greater space for business development.

The minimum capital is HK$1 and no capital verification is required in order to be incorporated in Hong Kong. To be a shareholder or director, you should be at least 18 years old with a Hong Kong ID card, or Mainland or overseas passport, as well as a company secretary with a registered address to establish a Hong Kong Limited Company.

Our team will provide the following total solution services

  1. Company registration and search for limited companies, as well as application for a company registration certificate and business registration.

  2. Green box preparation, printing of the articles of incorporation, steel seal, company register and a stock register

  3. Preparation of the company meeting minutes and company registration documents for opening a bank account

  4. Acting as the company secretary and providing registered address

Registered business office


Our office is located in the prime business area of Tsim Sha Tsui. It is suitable for start-ups and people who do not have a fixed office address. Using our office as a business contact address during registration not only reduces the burden of renting, but also facilitates the application of bank accounts and various licenses. Other than lowering the cost, it also raises your company's image and brings better business opportunities!

Moreover, our team sincerely provides high-quality value-added services to small and medium individuals.

  1. Receiving government letters in time and notifying customers immediately, as well as processing relevant letters on behalf of clients.

  2. The business address can be used for company business cards, letterheads and other promotional letters while design work can be arranged.

  3. Applying for a dedicated telephone line.

  4. Providing general photocopying and printing services.


Company Secretarial Services

A limited company in Hong Kong must report the company’s equity, directors and shareholders status every year in accordance with the company laws. If any company information has been changed during the year, one must report to the Companies Registry by submitting the form of modification. In addition, a limited company must keep sufficient records of signed company documents, including the “Significant Controller Registration table”.

Our team provides customers with high-quality supporting services, including:

  1. Acting as the company secretary (a must for limited companies with the same person being the shareholder and director)

  2. Filling in and submitting Annual Return and business registration annually on behalf of clients

  3. Arranging board meetings and Annual General meetings, as well as drafting meeting minutes and resolution documents.

  4. Preparing and keeping the Significant Controller Registration records on behalf of the company.

  5. Preparing documents related to change of directors, Transfer of shares, change of secretary and company name, etc.


Tax Compliance Services

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) in Hong Kong issues both an employee salary and pension tax return (IR 56B) and a non-employee remuneration tax return (IR 56M) to the company in March every year, as well as the company profits tax return (BIR 51 or 52) or individuals issued individual income tax returns (BIR 60), and property tax returns, etc. to be issued on April. All forms must be submitted to the Tax Bureau within one to three months, and offenders may be imposed!

Our team is devoted in providing high-quality tax services to small and medium-sized enterprises as follows:

  1. Filling in various tax forms on behalf of the client and estimating client tax liabilities and credits.

  2. Processing or organizing clients’ supporting documents while providing assistance to prepare accounts that comply with taxation and company regulations.

  3. Replying to enquiry letters raised by IRD on behalf of the client.

  4. Applying for extension of tax return or objection against tax assessment.

  5. Providing tax planning and consulting for clients.


Payroll Management Services

Paying wages and salaries on time is a basic responsibility of corporate employers. If any employee is unpaid within the first seven working days following the payroll period or termination of the employment contract, the employer would be criminally prosecuted. In addition, the employee can pursue civil claims for overdue wages. Staff members and employers must comply with the law to contribute to the employees' Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF).

However, processing wages is also a complicated and time-consuming task for enterprises, which may further increase the company's resource burden in a long term!

In order to improve the efficiency of business operations, our team offers effective Payroll Management Procedures, including:

  1. Keeping staff records

  2. Processing payroll and commission calculation table

  3. Handling salary and preparing payroll receipts on behalf of the client

  4. Assisting in opening of MPF accounts and handling contribution matters on behalf of the client’s organization

  5. Acting as a Financial Advisor for staff members to customize Personal Financial Plans, such as personal insurance, MPF Personal account transfer, Tax-deductible voluntary MPF contributions, Tax-deductible Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) and Tax-deductible Qualified Deferred Annuity contributions, etc.

  6. Handling Labor insurance, Group medical and other matters

  7. Filing employee salary tax returns and filing personal tax returns (Form IR56B & 56M)


Trading Support

Effective document flow helps various Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) flourish their credibility with their overseas customers, hence increasing chances of successful transactions and eventually enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs in the long run.

We provide companies engaged in cross-border or local trading firms:

  1. Data analysis and form opinions regarding transaction process

  2. Issue invoices, packing lists, and D/O documents on behalf of clients

  3. Consultation for Credit insurance

  4. Assistance in applying for various SME funding, interest-free loans, technology vouchers, etc., and provide positive advices

  5. Arrangements to issue Bank Letter of Credit (LC)

  6. Corporate financing consulting and referral

Cash Management

Our team provides cashier services so that our clients do not need to be present in the office or in Hong Kong but can still handle the complicated internal income and expenditures matters of the company easily. Other than allowing the enterprisers in SME to focus on business travels, it also lessens burden posed on manpower within the organization.

  1. Handling remittances and checking payments

  2. Handling monthly petty cash expenses every month

  3. Following up transfer income and issue receipts on behalf of client

  4. Arranging client bank accounts deposit

  5. Managing bank account operations

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